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Caravan Damp Repair

If you own a caravan or motorhome, it’s important you ensure it’s always in excellent condition. Unfortunately, damp is frequently an issue. This is why we offer a comprehensive damp repair service. We have the skills, knowledge and expertise to carry out full internal rebuilds. We have sophisticated damp testing equipment, so if you have come across a damp issue, or suspect this could be a potential problem, come over for a check at Tavistock Caravans today.

Common Spots Where Damp Happens

The most common places where damp can be found throughout the vehicle include:

Checking For Damp In A Caravan

Finding the source of caravan damp can be difficult as water moves quickly down horizontal beams and traverses along. As a result, the damp may originate far from the area that is visible. The smell is one simple method to determine whether your caravan has moisture issues. This will smell musty and stale, but it will also smell moist, like a wet towel. Another easy way to identify damp is to keep an eye out for any black mould, stains, or residue near the windows, doors, and roof lights. If you spot these problems in your caravan or motorhome, be sure to give us a call.

Importance Of Damp Repair

Because summer weather is erratic, moisture problems can arise in your vehicle at any time of the year. Additionally, it’s critical to treat indicators of exposure as quickly as possible while residing in more confined spaces like motorhomes and caravans. We can handle repairs and replacement fittings for your vehicles windows, doors, or rails in addition to resealing installations as needed.

Collection & Delivery

Struggling to get your Caravan or Motorhome to our workshop? We offer a collection and delivery service to ensure your vehicle gets the help it needs in the safest way possible. We are fully insured against all road risks and are able to collect your vehicle from your home or storage location. Once your vehicle arrives at our workshop, we have secure indoor and outdoor storage available, these are monitored by our 24-hour security systems.

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If you begin to notice damp throughout your caravan or motorhome, it’s more important than ever to get in touch to book a damp repair service today.

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