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Caravan Repair & Service

Are you in need of a business that offers extensive and qualified caravan repair? Then give Tavistock Caravans, your go-to caravan specialists, a call. We can assist you with all your requirements including complete gas safety checks, brake and chassis repairs and all interior-exterior fittings. We can service and maintain all parts of your caravan, contact a member of our staff today to schedule an appointment or to find out more.

Caravan Repairs

Occasionally, you may experience problems with your caravan, which could indicate that it needs to be checked for repairs or maintenance. Typical indications include the following:

If you are experiencing any issues, please get in touch.

Caravan Servicing

It is imperative that your caravan is in good working order and roadworthy ready to embark on your next journey. Tavistock Caravans can arrange a maintenance visit that fits into your schedule. We handle all aspects of caravan servicing and repair, including mechanical and interior problems. Our comprehensive caravan servicing consists of:

How Often Should I Get My Caravan Serviced?

We recommend you have your caravan fully serviced annually. We carry out comprehensive servicing to make sure your gas systems, electrical systems, braking and all mechanical components are working exactly as the manufacturer intended. This will ensure that your caravan is functioning as it should and your safety and comfort are never compromised. Please contact us for any details.

Book A Caravan Repair & Service

If your caravan is due for a service, booking with Tavistock Caravans makes perfect sense. Our team are always on hand to answer any of your enquiries and advise on your next steps. Reach out to Tavistock Caravans by simply giving us a call, or sending an email.

Collection & Delivery

Struggling to get your Caravan or Motorhome to our workshop? We offer a collection and delivery service to ensure your vehicle gets the help it needs in the safest way possible. We are fully insured against all road risks and are able to collect your vehicle from your home or storage location. Once your vehicle arrives at our workshop, we have secure indoor and outdoor storage available, these are monitored by our 24-hour security systems.

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