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Motorhome Repair & Service

Our motorhome repair service makes sure that your vehicle’s habitation areas support both dependability and safety when you’re on the road. We can assist you with whatever level of servicing you require. We have worked extensively on all makes of motorhome with many layouts. Whether your setup is “off grid” to let you connect with nature, or it includes all the technology for intercontinental touring, we can conduct thorough servicing and repairs to all makes and models. So, be sure to give us a call to find out more.

Habitation Checks & Repairs

We offer full habitation checks and repairs to a wide range of motorhomes. Here is just an example of checks our technicians undertake at Tavistock Caravans:

What We Cover

Periodic maintenance of motorhomes is essential and can be facilitated by our service team. Inspection prior to making a new purchase or repairs in preparation for a sale are also services we offer. Examples of where we can assist include:

Why It's Important To Service

Regular maintenance is required for motorhomes. This will ensure that your vehicle is working to its maximum capacity and provide a safe and comfortable living environment. We can offer maintenance that includes an annual examination of all equipment including electrical systems, gas systems and water systems. Speak with us for more information.

Understanding & Professional

We are aware that your motorhome is a significant purchase and gives great enjoyment. Today, many more people are spending more time living the van life, a home away from home on wheels. We understand the importance of the upkeep and living conditions of your motorhome. Our team treats every motorhome and caravan with the utmost care and will accommodate all necessary requirements.

Collection & Delivery

Struggling to get your Caravan or Motorhome to our workshop? We offer a collection and delivery service to ensure your vehicle gets the help it needs in the safest way possible. We are fully insured against all road risks and are able to collect your vehicle from your home or storage location. Once your vehicle arrives at our workshop, we have secure indoor and outdoor storage available, these are monitored by our 24-hour security systems.

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